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03 September 2019 @ 12:08 am

Hey! I joined to look for tips and tricks.

Name (real): Avery

Current weight: 139.5 lbs

goal weight: 100 lbs

I wanna get there as fast as possible but I don't have the motivation to workout. I have only eating low calorie foods, and drinking a lot of water. But I've only gone down 6 lbs. I want people who will push me to exercise and not eat. Also any exercising tips.

17 August 2019 @ 03:27 pm
Hey everyone. I have an eating disorder, obviously. But I need friends to keep me in check, I've caught myself bingeing a few times here lately when I finally break and have to eat something.

I have no friends in real life, I'm homeless and im a 20 year old high school drop out who got pregnant at 18 and further ruined my self esteem and body image but I got my son out of it and that's great.

But a 1 1/2 year old isn't much good for serious conversation. How is everyone doing?
01 July 2019 @ 11:30 pm
Hello im new here and my name is melissa im in high achool and hate the fact that im a ugly fat whale i been thinking of becomimg ana for a long time and i finally doing something about it. If there is any tips or someone with experince that is willing to help me get started on my journey
Goal 110
please contact me at
27 May 2019 @ 01:56 pm

My dad just gave me food and I had to eat and he doesn't know I hate food and eating. I'm going to exercise now. I hate myself and I want a bigger thigh gap.

15 May 2016 @ 04:55 pm
Um..hey everyone. I'm new here and don't know much, I came here in hopes of getting some support on my endeavor to lose. I used to be really skinny when I first came to America, however life here became very stressful and busy that when I entered high school I gained a great amount of weight. I also went into a bit of depression and became extremely introverted and still am. I'm 17 now and entering my second year in college, I tried dieting as was suggested, before than I weighted 132lbs and only lost 4lbs and was extremely disappointed. I despise everything about my body, especially my legs and thighs. I'm now 128lbs and hope to get to 108lbs of possible. I would extremely appreciate any motivation, ideas, and tips that anyone can offer. I also hope to possibly get a pen-pal who can encourage me when things get tough as well as keep me in check. I would also love to do the same, we could encourage and help each other. Please let me know if anyone's interested.

If anyone's interested in being pen-pals please msg:
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13 February 2011 @ 11:04 pm
Hey everyone, you can call me Charlotte. I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight recently and I'm trying to lose it all again, so I would really appreciate any support/tips/people to talk to! I'm 5'8" and my lowest weight was 104 pounds, but my weight is currently fluctuating between 118 and 122 pounds, and I feel huge. My current goal is to get back down to 104 pounds. I might want to lose more weight after that, but I'm not sure what my ultimate goal weight is yet. I've just started fasting, so hopefully that helps me reach my goal. Good luck everybody! I'd love somebody to talk to.
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10 January 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Hey, everybody!

I'm new here and I hope I'll be good welcomed at your community.
It'd be great to share some tricks, new ideas with you and of course to help me to lose weight!!! I'm from Bulgaria, I calculate my propotios but I'm not very sure they're true. Here we use kilos and sm instead of inches and pounds.

5' 9" tall or 175 sm
108 pounds or 49 kilos - how disgusting :((

I'd be really happy if you reply to my entry - I hope we can become good friends because none of my friends understands me - they're just trying to make me eat..
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27 December 2010 @ 07:14 pm
heyy girlies!

I'm new and my name is Cat I'm 21 and I've been Ana for a long time.
Ever since I was young I always tried to find a way around having to eat food.
I've been binging alot since all of these problems have occurred and with school and
home life but now school is dunzo and I'm back on focusing on losing weight <3

I know I'm super fat right now but I if I can help any of you girl with anything let me know!
I just put up some thinspo quotes if any of you need some modivation!
I know i do =/

stay strong xoxox
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22 November 2010 @ 02:36 am
Just a little about myself~
My name is Kat , I'm 19, and I'm Anorexic
I think i've had it for abouuuuttt 5 years now?
I never really classified it as Anorexia until recently when my doctor confronted me about it.
I used to be really skinny in middle school, under weight, but when i got into Highschool and got into an accident i started Homeschooling and gained all the weight.
The biggest I've been was 144
And i am now 124
My goal weight is 100-105 maybe 95

I'm really looking for friends who know what I'm going through cause none of my friends understand me
It'd be nice to seem normal
ya know~