I lost 10 pounds, 4 more and I'll lose a stone! Imagine if I keep going. Send me some meanspo and thinspo!  My Email : ykrrottengirl@gmail.com



I gained 30 pounds during a 6 month binge, I need some help getting back on track. I need someone to do daily check ups on what we ate and hold each other accountable when we mess up, meanspo, thinspo and motivaion.

I'm 14F my hw was 165LBS, lw was 130LBS, my gw is 115LBS.

email me y2krottengirl@gmail.com if interested C:

Ana buddy :)

Hey! 🦋 I'm mainly looking for an ana buddy but I can also be a (strict -if you'd like that) ana coach. I'm 17 and a girl btw. 😂 Text me on my IG: @kaja.prochazkova for more info or even if you just want to chat about something. :)

Ana Coach Needed

I've gotten fat over quarantine and need some help getting control back, I'm 14, 5'2, and about 178 lbs. I'm fine with body checks and  will do anything you tell me to. My kik is: just.want.t0.be.thin (the o in to is a zero btw), My snap is: elsa17920 , my insta is: nothingness42 , finally my email is: elsa17920@gmail.com. message me on one of those and I'll reply asap.

Ana Buddy?

I'm lookin for a ana buddy to help me get through my hunger. Here my stats:

Age:14F, GW:90lb, CW:170.02lb( I hate myself), LW:130lb, HW:200lb, Height: 5'3

I know i'm really fat. I hate myself for letting it happen. 



I've been skipping dinner all week and restricting and i am really seeing progress, i'm just 2lbs away from my next goal weight. 

I feel really stressed with work and honestly it's making it easy not to eat, I have no real appetite. 

Need Ana Buddy

Hi everyone,

I’m 23 and spent 7 years in a really toxic relationship. I became depressed and ate a lot so I gained a ton of weight. The breakup was terrible and messy but now I can’t lose the weight and I’m huge. It’s so bad I absolutely hate looking in the mirror. I’ve been ana/mia on and off since junior high but I recently went back and am looking for someone to talk to for motivation. My stats are below and my kik is Jess_blitz. Someone message me and let’s be friends!

Age: 23
Height: 5’8”
CW: 207
HW: 207
LW: 139
GW: 145 minimum

New Goal!

I don't know if anyone even reads these, but after a weekend filled with friends and inevitably food, I still managed to shake of the final 0.6lbs to get to a solid 130lbs. 

I did a lot of walking and today I am tired. I haven't eaten much, and managed to fast until lunch time. I had my 'dinner' at around 5pm and wont eat anything else until tomorrow lunch time. 

This evening I will do pilates for an hour, I should have gone for a walk today but I had so much work to do. I'm trying not to feel guilty but will do extra pilates to make up for it. 

My next goal is 125lbs. I'm trying to be reasonable and give myself the target of reaching this by the end of the month.