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15 May 2016 @ 04:55 pm
Looking for help?  
Um..hey everyone. I'm new here and don't know much, I came here in hopes of getting some support on my endeavor to lose. I used to be really skinny when I first came to America, however life here became very stressful and busy that when I entered high school I gained a great amount of weight. I also went into a bit of depression and became extremely introverted and still am. I'm 17 now and entering my second year in college, I tried dieting as was suggested, before than I weighted 132lbs and only lost 4lbs and was extremely disappointed. I despise everything about my body, especially my legs and thighs. I'm now 128lbs and hope to get to 108lbs of possible. I would extremely appreciate any motivation, ideas, and tips that anyone can offer. I also hope to possibly get a pen-pal who can encourage me when things get tough as well as keep me in check. I would also love to do the same, we could encourage and help each other. Please let me know if anyone's interested.

If anyone's interested in being pen-pals please msg:
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